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There’s truly something special about the smell and touch of your favourite garment after it’s been washed and properly cared for. Like walking into a luxury store and running your hands over the soft wool coats and linen pieces that you would love to whisk away and place back in your own wardrobe.  

We love to take care of our clothing to allow them to be a timeless piece and that’s why we need to use only the best fabric softeners and detergents. 

Tangent GC, new to our showroom and online store, produce fabric softeners with peach oil and Aloe Vera, a limited-edition Gin & Tonic Fine Wash with Juniper Oil and an (in demand) Denim Wash with Orange Oil. 

These beautifully designed bottles for garment care will allow your clothes to feel and smell like a freshly bought piece off the rack.  

The story of what inspired David Samuelson to create Tangent GC reads like an old classic tale and will inspire you to look after your garments like prized possessions… 

My grandfather, chimney sweep by profession, could sometimes come across as a bit coarse. He was, nonetheless, meticulous when it came to his wardrobe and dressed with a certain degree of elegance.

He did not own many clothes, but the clothes he did have he knew how to care for. His Sunday best was brushed down after use, his collars starched, and his trousers pressed. When out of his wingtips, he made sure to put shoetrees in them and followed this up with contemplative greasing and polishing. His garments somehow seemed engrained – not just worn; perhaps because he wore his apparel long enough to leave marks on it. Not the other way around.

Somewhere along the way we stopped caring – presumably when mass produced, cheap, and oftentimes deficient, clothing was introduced. Due to wear and tear the mere idea of garment care seemed distant. And this came to pass over the course of just one generation or two.

Nowadays though, when quality of fabric and pattern making – the passion for craftsmanship – is of interest once more, so is the need for proper care. In the light of this we are set to provide a superior range of garment care products, not emanating from the chemical industry or flung off conveyor belts, but products that will naturally and effectively give your garments a long life.

- David Samuelsson, Cofounder of Tangent GC. 

Available for purchase now online or in store.

*Image credits from top @davidgrr @mrboton @onlydecolove

April 01, 2017 by The Minimalist

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