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Can you pay someone to manage your Multiple Airbnb Properties

Are you in the lucky position of owning Multiple properties? Are you also wondering can I have someone manage these properties through AirBnb? The short answer is YES,  there are Airbnb management companies in Melbourne  that can help you manage your properties.

What do Airbnb Management companies do exactly?

Offer Self-check-in.
To ensure your guests can access your property without meeting you in person, think about arranging self-check-in. You can either opt for a solution such as a key lock box or consider installing an electronic or smart lock.

Key management services can be a great idea too. There are several solutions available to help you manage key handoff, including Keycafe and

Keycafe, which integrates with iGMS, allows you to manage key exchanges with multiple guests and cleaners. You’ll be able to manage access to keys for all your properties from a single account. You’ll receive real-time SMS updates whenever the keys to your property are accessed.

Furnish It Properly

Standard rental properties usually stay empty (or mostly empty), without furniture, until a tenant moves in. Each tenant has differing tastes and will want to decorate their home in their own style. An Airbnb is different, however, in that you have to furnish and decorate the place for your guests long before welcoming your first one. Choosing a style that will emphasize the best features of the property, appeal to the largest number of potential guests, and stay within your furniture budget are three important keys to success with Airbnb.

 Use a professional dedicated Airbnb cleaning service.

Such a service will save you a lot of time by taking care of all the cleaning chores. A dedicated cleaning service that specializes in short-term rentals will get the job done right every time because its people understand the special needs of Airbnb hosts. Some services are even available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year to provide more peace of mind. Keeping your ratings high is the best thing you can do for your Airbnb business.

Set & Forget – Reduced Effort In Managing Your Airbnb

Managing an Airbnb can take up a surprising number of hours of your day – the time adds up quickly.

You can spend a few hours taking photos, creating the listing, responding to reviews, updating the listing, and then another few hours to managing responses to guests and check-ins.

On top of that, there are at least three hours of cleaning per guest stay to be done, not to mention handling any emergencies.

You could easily be spending 10-15 hours per week working on your listing – and that’s not even including the commuting time to and from your property, which can add up with Melbourne traffic!


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