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Book Keeper

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- Low line book + magazine holder

- Perfect to keep your favourites on hand

- Can be used in any space where you need a little extra storage

- Available in both black or white to suit any interior


A simple and sculptural way to keep your books, magazines or newspapers organised. Use The Book Keeper in the living room, by your bedside, in the kitchen or at your desk. 

Book Keeper is a Danish designed book storage unit that effectively makes it easy to displaying your favourite books in the most elegant way. It can often seem hard to find a book storage unit or book shelf that is elegant and can effortlessly exhibit and display your dearest coffee table books.

This book storage unit is a two unit piece. The first is an open shelf that is placed above the base frame, which results in the oblique position guaranteeing that your books are presented in an appealing position.


The Specifications

The book keeper is 38 cm x 27 cm x 32 cm

Powder coated steel


+ Australia wide delivery is available

International delivery is not available for this item

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