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How do I manage multiple Airbnb Properties

Managing a bunch of listings or running an Airbnb management company will require you to cope with multiple accounts.  It is quite possible to manage multiple Airbnb accounts if you put in some effort.

Have you got a few properties that you manage via Airbnb?

Check the regulations and secure your accounts

It is advisable that you manage only a single account if you are an individual host and not operating as a company. If you are using Airbnb to list properties with different target audiences, using one Airbnb account is a bad idea. In order to prevent any sorts of problems or issues in the situation where you have multiple accounts to manage, you should be careful to handle them wisely. When you have multiple accounts and you make use of the same IP address to log into all of your accounts, then Airbnb will recognize them and ban all your accounts. Check the Airbnb regulations for your area beforehand in order to be familiar with the rules you need to comply with while hosting. Also, you need to be able to respond to guests’ questions and comments immediately so that your account will stay active.

Ove Account VS Multiple Accounts

One Airbnb Account
Using one account is sufficient if all the properties you are listing appeal to the same demographic. Having all listings in one account can save you time and help you maintain control of your vacation rental business.

If you are using Airbnb to list a diverse set of properties for different target audiences, you should consider multiple accounts. Having one Airbnb account can work against you in this scenario.

Also, if you have a negative review on one of your properties, it will affect all other properties under one account.

Multiple Airbnb Accounts
Multiple accounts demand more time and focus when it comes to guest communication and other day-to-day tasks. You will need to log in and out of your accounts constantly and keep track of all communication.

On the plus side, you can create different accounts to cater to different audiences and, thus, increase the number of bookings. You will find most professional Airbnb Managers use a software.

Vacation rental software

Use vacation rental software A property management company might be experienced in working with Airbnb hosts with multiple listings, but you might find it challenging to identify a company that will be able to look after your unique Airbnb business requirements. So, a more suitable option to manage multiple Airbnb accounts might be to opt for automation. You can use vacation rental software to manage Airbnb multiple accounts at once and you are in luck because there is a free forever all-in-one tool – AirGMS. With the help of vacation rental software like AirGMS, you can reply to your guests’ messages right away thanks to message automation. In fact, the software streamlines the entire guest communication process by giving you access to one inbox that has all your messages from all your accounts. This will save you loads of time as you will no longer have to log in and out from your Airbnb multiple accounts.

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