The Minimalist was created in 2011 by Leah Taylor with a single goal, to source the most unique, limited and hand made pieces for the home from a global collective of designers and makers.

In a world where life is overtaken by the mass-produced, by law of contrast, we are eager to discover slower processes and to surround ourselves with long-lasting objects that have a story and meaning.

Supporting the designers and makers who share our passion for quality craftsmanship, good and thoughtful design, manufacturing mindfully and with a conscience. Here you can explore these products, the people and their stories.

Whatever is done with knowledge and care will inevitably be of better quality, and its beauty will increase with the passing of time. A bowl crocheted from soft, silky, textured rubber. A subtle hand woven linen throw. A unique, hand-made piece that only you and a few others will ever own.