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- A unique Calcite specimen

- Free standing for decorative display

- Transparent with warm orange hues


Cleansing + reconciliation + amplifies energy + prosperity

To bring a sense of purity into your home, office, sacred space, or other environment, place one or more Calcite crystals around the room in a harmonious pattern.

Each crystal specimen we have selected has positive properties and are free standing so that can be used decoratively with ease in any space.


Calcite increases and amplifies energy. One of the energies it amplifies is learning abilities, and thus is also a great stone for students. Calcite is a protecting, grounding and centering stone, and can help bring inner peace. Since calcite also promotes creativity and imagination, this inner peace it can bring is a vibrant one.

All types of calcites are helpful in lessening of fear and reducing stress. Calcite is the premier cleanser of stored negative energies in the human system, and works on all levels from the physical to the etheric. This makes it a very purifying stone. It can also be used to clear negativity in the environment, such as a room that it's in.


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