crystal / calcite dogtooth

crystal / calcite dogtooth

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- A unique Dogtooth Calcite specimen

- Free standing for decorative use

- Dark rocky base with light coloured tips

- One only


Amplifier + Shifts negativity + Stimulates insight + Boosts memory 

To bring a sense of purity into your home, office, sacred space, or other environment, place one or more Apophyllite crystals around the room in a harmonious pattern.

The spiritual connection of Apophyllite makes it an excellent helper crystal for deep meditation.

Each crystal specimen we have selected has positive properties and are free standing so that can be used decoratively with ease in any space.


A powerful amplifier and cleanser of energies - in a room it cleanses negative energies from the environment and heightens your energy and can help shift energies that are stagnant or slow moving.
It also helps the body to remember its perfection so it can return to that state as quickly as possible
alleviating fear, reducing stress + soothing agitated emotions enabling effortless flow.
Excellent for study especially arts and sciences, stimulating insight and boosting memory.


+ worldwide delivery available