Travertine Marble Essential Oil Diffuser Set


- An original design by Addition Studio

-Carved, solid Travertine Marble base 

- Designed and hand crafted in Australia

- Each piece is utterly unique 


The Essential Oil Diffuser by Addition Studio draws reference to a classic yet refined science theme.

The height of the clamp is adjustable, so the scientist can personalise to suit their taste the intensity of the fragrance from the oils used.

Smell is the only sense linked directly to the emotional cortex of the brain, which is why scents tend to evoke such strong memories and emotions. Set your diffuser up anywhere in the home or studio and warm your favourite oils to create your ideal atmosphere.

The Specifications

Each diffuser is  - 26 cm high x 21 cm wide x 125 deep

Solid Travertine Marble base

Your set includes

Diffuser unit with Travertine Marble base

Glass flask

5ml Australian grown lavender Oil

Australian made beeswax candle

Your Delivery

+ Australia wide delivery is available

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