Large Bowl


- A new larger version of the popular bowl collection

- Glazed interior, use for potted plants if desired

- Use as a bowl, sculpture or planter

- Designed in Denmark by Kristina Dam


Welcome the new large Bowl from Kristina Dam. The Bowl is made from grey engobe colored terracotta and glazed inside to resist water. Resting on three legs this large bowl makes a distinctive apperance in any home interior.

The Large  Bowl is a eye-catching piece. Available in four different sizes and made from terracotta with a grey slip (engobe). The exterior of the bowl features a textured band, impressed into the clay.

The entire selection of three legged bowls from Kristina Dam Studio are available in four different sizes. Use the bowl as a sculpture or planter. 

This brand new design from Kristina Dam Design Studio pays tribute to simplicity.


The Specifications

The large bowl is 18 cm diameter x 22 cm high

Terracotta with Grey Engobe

All Kristina Dam pieces are designed in Copenhagen, Denmark and made within the European Union from genuine and solid materials. 


Your Delivery

+ Australia wide delivery is available

A lead time of up to 8 weeks may apply when this item is out of stock, please contact us for the most up to date delivery times.

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