Podium Pot



- Simple rounded design

- Handcrafted and unique

- Can be styled to fit a plant, or used for simple storage


The architectural shape of the podium pot creates a stunning silhouette to highlight your favourite plants. This pot is low and wide, making it perfect to plant directly in to or to grow a leafy moss covering.

The outside of the pot is raw ceramic, and the inside has a glossy sealed glaze. The finish of the ceramic is slightly textured and uneven, and because each pot is individually handcrafted this texture may differ slightly from what is pictured here. This is the beauty of buying handmade, your pot will be like no other.



There is no drainage hole in this pot as it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. We recommend potting durable plants that require less frequent watering.


The Specifications

Each pot is  22 cm diameter  x 11.5 cm high

Ceramic with glazed inner and matte exterior finish


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