Reindeer Hose Wall mount


Designer Garden Glory

- A unique garden accessory for your home

- This exceptional piece is a bold statement for outdoor living

- Designed and manufactured in Sweden

- Match or choose a contrasting hose to complete your look


Why settle for something ordinary? Express yourself and your hose with a garden hose holder that adds that extra something. The antler hose bracket is the perfect fit for your hose, and adds some spectacular design and expression to the facade of your house.

The garden hose rack is made in Scandinavia of durable cast-aluminum. The intention was to design something to withstand the Scandinavian climate which is rough and contains rain, wind, salt and sun. In other words, a product made for Scandinavian circumstances is a product that can withstand anything.



Height: 37 cm
Width: 35 cm
Depth: 10 cm
Weight: 3 kilos
Back plate size: 12,2 x 8,6 cm
3 years warranty



+ Worldwide delivery available

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