Stair Sculpture


- A solid concrete sculpture

- Each piece is unique

- Enjoy from all angles


Made of solid concrete the Stair Sculpture is all about appearance. It has a modern and yet distinct architectural feeling to it and the roughess of the texture of this art piece is evident.

Each year Kristina Dam Studio designs a piece of art for the collection. The Stair Sculpture is product meant to have no function. The only objective of this fine object is to draw your attention and let you enjoy its structure, shape and proportions.

You can enjoy the Stair Sculpture from every angle and place it wherever you like in your home – on a table, in the window sill or on the floor. 

This object is molded by hand and therefore variations in the surface structure and edges might occur.



18 cm x 18 cm 



Free delivery Australia wide.

A lead time of up to 8 weeks can apply when this item is out of stock, please contact us for the most up to date delivery times.

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