Woven Jute Rug / Multiple Sizes


- A simple, textured rug 

- Versatile and functional for all spaces

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Multiple sizes available

- Woven Jute and Cotton design


This classic natural fiber and cotton rug is a must-have for an eco-friendly household. Each rug adds a beautiful texture whilst being durable and easy to vacuum. 

Handwoven by skilled artisans to ensure superior craftsmanship. The interwoven construction gives this Jute and Cotton Rug it's unique look and makes it durable for high traffic areas. Perfect for adorning your living area, bedroom, or study for an organic look and feel. 



Regular is 120 x 180 cm 

Large is 150 x 240

Extra Large is 180 x 270 cm 



Free shipping Australia wide

International shipping not available


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