XL Knotted Rubber Bowl


- Knotted by hand in Italy

- Made from a soft & silky rubber yarn

- Durable enough for many practical uses 

- Each bowl is a textured statement piece

- Each bowl is utterly unique and one of a kind


The Minimalist is all about simple yet enduring, well designed pieces for your home. These unique neoprene rubber bowls have been part of our core collection since the start, a true testament to it's beautiful and practical design that never goes out of style.

The durable, soft rubber yarn is knotted into the desired shape, no two pieces will ever be alike. 

The neoprene rubber yarn that is used is velvety, flexible, smooth and pleasant to touch. The various sizes stack together or make a beautiful textural statement all on their own.



Thick 25 mm neoprene yarn is hand knotted

Bowl size is 45 cm wide x 35 cm high


Rubber is a natural material and there are a few tips that you can use to keep your bowl looking brand new. To maintain the soft lustre of your bowl you can occasionally rub a small amount of baby oil into the rubber. You can also clean your bowl using water and a light detergent.

We recommend keeping your bowl away from direct sunlight which may affect the colour of the lighter bowls.



Worldwide delivery available 


Please note

Due to the unique and handmade nature of the rubber bowls the sizing and shapes will vary slightly from piece to piece. This is not a fault but a characteristic that is to be embraced!


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