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How Self Storage Works

  1. You select a space; we can help with the size. This is usually done by visiting The Lock-Up Self Storage, but can also be done over the phone.
  2. You will be offered storage and packing tips plus free hire of a furniture trailer on move in. You can get all your packing boxes and supplies from our Box Shop. If you would like a list of local removalists, we have them ready.
  3. You are given your access code for the gate and security system, and you are given a demonstration on how to operate the security gate.
  4. You are invited to take out insurance on the goods in storage if they are not covered by your existing home and contents insurance.
  5. You move, or have your goods moved, into the space. You lock the door with your padlock; you keep the key. You can invest in a security-grade padlock from our range.
  6. You have sole access to the space and your goods.
  7. You will be sent monthly invoices. You can authorise us to automatically debit your credit card. If you forget to pay the rent and it becomes overdue, the computer will automatically suspend your PIN number.
  8. When you wish to move out, you must advise us 14 days in advance.
  9. You remove your goods and leave the space tidy.
  10. You are refunded any unused rent if it totals more than $15. We look forward to seeing you again.