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The Minimal list of Top Dos and Don’ts of a Hens Party

Top Dos and Don’ts of a Hens Party

 A hens party can be a very fun and memorable  experience for everyone involved. However, it is important that you remember the top do’s and don’ts or throwing a hens party if you want everyone to have fun–and to be safe. The following are the top do’s and dont’s that you should keep in mind when putting together a hens party package.

Do: Ask the bride-to-be what she wants to do

  First, you should always ask the bride-to-be what she wants to do for her hens party. Is she interested in going out to the club? Does she like adult entertainment? It is important to consider what she likes, as well as what she doesn’t like, when planning the evening.

Don’t: Try to cram in too many events in one night

 It can be tempting to try to cram in a lot of events for a hens party. However, it is better to have one or two great experiences then five experiences that feel mediocre because you’re crunched for time or tired out from the other events. Instead of trying to fit in a ton of activities, stick to a few things that can be experienced in full.

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Do: Do at least one thing that’s wild and fun

 A hens party is the perfect time to let loose and have a little fun. While you don’t necessarily have to go crazy, you should plan at least one thing that is wild and fun in honor of the bride-to-be. For example, try some new drink shots that the group has never tried before; head to a men’s strip show, and so on. 

Don’t: Try to drive yourself around

 You should never try to drive yourself around during or after a hens party if drinking will be involved. This can be dangerous and illegal, depending on how much you’ve had to drink. Always make plans for transportation before you head out, whether you plan on hiring at taxi or driving service, picking someone to be the designated driver, and so on. 

Do: Make sure you get something to eat

Food is one of the most overlooked aspects of many hens nights. However, not eating can lead you to feel ill, especially if you end up drinking during the night. Make sure that you and everyone else at the hens party has something to eat, whether it is during the party itself or before the events begin. 

Don’t: Think you “have” to do certain things

There are certain activities that are commonly associated with hens Party nights. However, you should not feel obligated to do certain things if you or others in the group are not comfortable with them. For example, if the bride-to-be is not interested in seeing male strippers, then you don’t have to include them in your hens night. It’s more important that everyone has fun together than to fit in traditional activities “just because” they are traditional. 

Remember to keep the above dos and don’ts in mind when planning your hens night!

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