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Why your kitchen needs a minimalist makeover

Do you fall in love with kitchen designs on magazines or home decor Instagram’s? Having a space that is both functional and can make you the next viral Insta home is not unobtainable and can be yours with a few smart choices in styling and planning.

The kitchen is definitely the heart of the home. They tend to be the room most gravitate to which tends to bring clutter along with it. When thinking about your kitchen you probably think of how there’s not enough cabinet space leaving your benchtops to be full of cooking gadgets and appliances. This is the main item separating the average kitchen from one gracing the cover of interior design magazines. True stylists know the power and impact minimalism makes and how to cleverly execute this to make the space both look good and be functional.

What exactly is minimalism?

Minimalism is a movement dedicated to removing unnecessary clutter. After moving in, as time progresses we bring more items into our space and unknowingly can make our living spaces cluttered and stress-inducing. The minimalist movement challenges this by taking decluttering to the extreme. This challenges you to only keep essential objects and have a clean sterile-like environment to live in. This method has become very popular in kitchen designs as kitchens tend to be one of the most clutter-prone zones of a home.

Ideas beyond decluttering

One of the best ways to promote a clean minimal lifestyle in kitchens is to revamp your cabinetry with Nuline cabinet makers Melbourne. A trend called open shelving layouts has been reshaping kitchens and clutter-free oriented lifestyle. This removes your typical upper cabinets and replaces them with selves along your wall promoting the visibility of objects in the kitchen. Having your items on display to others tends to aid people in getting rid of unnecessary clutter to achieve a cohesive look. If shelving doesn’t really strike you as a feature in your kitchen but you want a move open look, try looking at cabinets with glass or windowed doors. This gives you a more traditional cabinet while also giving a more open feel. This alone not only makes your kitchen more minimal in nature but can also open the space more and help the space seem larger – a big win for apartment owners.

An island may be your one-stop-shop

As many homes are becoming open planned, there’s less room for a formal dining table. Instead of compromising and buying a smaller table, some are getting creative and using their island as a multipurpose central space for their kitchen and dining space. If your building or renovating a smaller space, opting to use an island can be a creative solution. Islands unlike tables can have storage underneath with built-in cabinets and can also house appliances such as microwaves, sinks and dishwashers. This can be a unique way to engage with your fellow household members and guests and also solve spacing issues within your home or apartment.

Whether you decide to renovate your space or just have a simple cleanout on the weekend, redoing your space with minimalism can benefit your lifestyle by keeping surfaces more open and promoting a cleaner more hygienic cooking environment and less stress associated with clutter spaces.

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