Botox Injections Against Sweating or Drooling

Botox Injections Against Sweating or Drooling

Have you ever thought about Botox injections by Botox Melbourne to cure excessive sweating or drooling?

Sweating is a normal reaction to some conditions, for example heat or exercising, in fact it helps to cool down the body temperature. Sweating in those conditions is completely normal and “socially accepted”. Some people though sweat excessively in normal conditions or drool. This is called hyperhidrosis and apart from drooling which obviously happens in the mouth, it involves sweating under the arms, on the hands or feet for and may be very embarrassing if it happens in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Which are the most common treatments for hyperhidrosis?

  • The first and most common is use of antiperspirants, but is normally not very effective.
  • Surgical solutions include the removal of sweat glands but it’s a very invasive solution and can lead to complications like any surgical treatment.
  • Severing the sympathetic nerves linked to the sweat glands. This solution, while effective, could lead the patient to start sweating in other areas.
  • Block the sweating gland with small electric currents. The problem of this treatment is that it has to be repeated often over time.

Nowadays there is a new and revolutionary solution to treat excessive sweating. Botox injections. Botox injections are injections of Botulin type A toxin taken locally (no widespread side effects). This toxin paralyzes the part of the body where is applied; apply it in the area of the sweat glands and it will block them. One session can last up to one year. This has helped many people, embarrassed about theirhyperhidrosis. Look for Botox injections‘ specialists in your area and forget about embarrassing sweating or drooling!

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