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How much does a Airbnb manager Make?

What Is An Airbnb Property Manager and how much do they make?

From Our Research the avg pay is between $50-$60k per year.

The job responsibilities are common for individuals in Airbnb property manager roles:

Market rentals to grow reservations, supplying ads with exceptional pictures and descriptions
Maintain a calendar of reservations to prevent double-bookings and view upcoming rentals
Clean rentals, restock necessities, and explain house rules to new guests
Answer guest questions and meet with guests to exchange keys at the beginning of stays
Perform routine and emergency maintenance on properties
A Day In The Life
There are two types of Airbnb property managers. The first manages vacation rentals in properties they own. These property managers may rent out their own home on occasion, or they may rent out other owned properties that are kept solely as vacation rentals. The other type of Airbnb property manager works as a contracted property manager for other property owners. These property managers handle the day-to-day responsibilities of renting vacation properties for other house or condo owners.

What is the commission or cut for a  Airbnb manager?

In Australia where we operate, the typical commission rate is 20–30%, which does not include the upfront costs associated with setting up the listing, such as professional photography.

At MadeComfy, we charge a flat commission of 20% on all bookings taken for properties that we manage. There is an initial fee for things like the photography, but that is a one-time charge and we let our customers keep the photos for any future use they may have for them.

20% commission may sound a little steep, but it is definitely worth it. We can prove that owners of properties that we manage earn up to 40% higher returns than they would have if they had self-managed their properties or rented them out to long-term tenants

Understanding Your Guests

Airbnb guests come in all shapes and sizes (so to speak). The one thing that every guest has in common, aside from using the travel site, is that they are looking for an experience that can’t be found in a hotel. They have done their research. They have looked at countless listings. They have chosen to stay in your listing. Now, it is your job to understand who they are by asking the right types of questions. Why are they coming to town? Is there anything that they are set on doing while they visit? Do they want to interact with you (the Airbnb property manager) during their stay, or do they want to be left alone? Think of yourself as a concierge service whose only goal is to exceed all expectation.

Guest communication and check-in coordination 

Professional Airbnb managers will handle all communication with guests who book your property, including check-in instructions, answering pre-reservation questions and creating a guide for your property to make their stay seamless and easy.

Depending on the size and capabilities of the company, Airbnb managers can generally offer a higher level of support to guests compared to a single self-managed host. For example, the below support features are provided by MadeComfy as part of their standard property management service.


24/7 support

MadeComfy’s dedicated support team is on standby to reply to guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer booking platform messages and reservation requests.

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