Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

Hacks to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh

The bathroom should always be kept smelling good and fresh. The cleanliness of the bathroom can show the spruceness of the whole house. The shower screen may be expensive but if you do not maintain it regularly, the water and grime that accumulated on the tile floor will only create a lasting bad odor.  What should you do? What are the ways to keep your bathroom smelling good? Let’s see some tips together! 

How to Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh?

Clean the bathroom sink regularly 

One of the most used parts of the bathroom is the sink. This is where guests wash their faces, place their cosmetics kits, put their used tissues, and do other personal stuff. Because of the number of things that people do on the sink, different bacteria may accumulate on it. The still water that did not go to the drain can also invite fungi over time. To keep your bathroom smelling fresh, you must wipe the bathroom sink from time to time. A good habit is to use a dry cloth or anti-bacterial wipes to wipe the water and dirt from the surface of the bathroom sink every other day. Any soap residue, watermark, and other gunk on the sink are removed when you do this regularly. 

Use a shower screen

This is a hack that you should do for your bathroom. A shower screen serves as a protective barrier on the bath and shower area to prevent splashes of water and leaks to the rest of the bathroom. Put on a shower screen to keep the bathroom smelling fresh. Installing a shower screen in your bathroom shortens the amount of time that you clean this room of the house because most of the grime and dirt are in the four corners of the shower. The rest of the tile floors and walls will have less accumulation of stains and slime and will be easier to clean. 

Put a fragrance diffuser

Another way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh is by using a fragrance diffuser. A lavender or eucalyptus scent will always give a natural feel inside the bathroom. Although diffusers can be quite expensive, they do last a long time. Scent diffusers can give a hotel feel in your bathroom because of the luxurious aroma that they provide. You can try different scents to add variety to the smell of the bathroom environment. 

Use a poo spray

Do you know that there are products in the market right now that trap the smell of poop in the water and do not diffuse into the air? The chemical in the products makes sure that the odor does not leave the bathroom toilet. 

Change towels and mats

Towels and mats that have been used a number of times tend to smell bad because of the absorption of water which because a living place for bacteria and fungi. You must change your towels and mats weekly to avoid the bad smell altogether. For the towels, you can just include them in your daily clothes wash routine. For the bathroom mats, it is better to spray them with water and handwash them to remove the trapped dirt on the mats. 


A house is only as good as its bathroom for guests who come in. They mostly only use two parts of the house, the living area, and the bathroom. They may notice the luxurious shower screen, the amazing tiles, and the antique fixture. But the one thing that will create a remembrance of them is the odor inside the bathroom. A fresh-smelling bathroom is not only sanitary but also elevates the beauty and elegance of the whole home. Keep the bathroom in check so that this area of the house smells good all the time. 

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