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About AQUIRY – Joash Boyton,

Joash Boyton is a successful entrepreneur, founded AQUIRY.COM and the AQUIRY Acquisition Team, which is comprised of specialists who have represented over $1 billion in capital. AQUIRY has a large network of website/business owners that want to sell to the right investor but have not publicly listed their interest. AQUIRY is not like traditional brokerage platforms that charge a fee to list and sell securities. Their list of potential purchase targets is extensive and open to investment.

With the launch of,  Joash Boyton and his team of experts provide an online platform for clients to work with experienced specialists in a wide range of areas. Buyers will be able to take advantage of uncomplicated exit options, communicate with a single investor, and bypass the time-consuming listing procedure.

Similarly, thanks to the platform, investors will be able to explore 100% exclusive opportunities, focus solely on relevant businesses, and experience a faster acquisition process. 

Spending months gathering data and publicly listing a firm, according to Boyton, can be overwhelming and only of interest to a small percentage of business owners. As he puts it, “We focus on bringing seamless exit opportunities that are designed to finalize quickly with a single investor.”

AQUIRY has offices in Melbourne, London, and New York, and its online services are now available at

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