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How to Choose a Self Storage Unit for the right price

Choosing a storage facility requires planning and research. There are things you may need to know to help you store your items conveniently and safely. Take these self-storage basics to help you get the best suited self-storage unit for you.

Use a Storage Cost Estimator:

As a rough guide to what you may expect to pay in Australia.

Something small, EG: 10 square meters:

$10.00 per SQM.

Something a larger EG: 40 square Meters:

Around $6.00 Per SQM

Self storage room with boxes and home contents.

Choosing between an inner city and outer city location

Inner city locations are easily accessible but can cost significantly more than outer city locations. For instance, storage space in Camperdown can cost twice as much as storage space in Bankstown. You can expect a similarly huge difference in storage rate between Brisbane and Yeerongpilly.

The “right” location for you will depend on how often you would need to access your storage. If you are not going to access your storage frequently, you could use a cheap self-storage in an outer city location. If you need to access your storage on a regular basis, paying a higher rate in an inner city location may be worth it.

Choosing between ground and higher floors

Ground floor storage systems can be accessed directly from a vehicle and are more expensive. They are more convenient and preferable if you need regular access to your storage. On the other hand, storage spaces located on a higher floor will require a forklift to access. Higher floor storage is preferable if you don’t need regular access. Depending on your storage provider, the difference between a ground and higher floor location can cost between $20 and $70.

Mobile storage

If you don’t have means of bringing your items to a storage facility, you may opt for a mobile storage system. Operators will deliver a storage crate to your home which you can pack up for a certain period of time (typically, around 24 hours). Once your crate is packed up, they will pick it up and bring it to the storage facility.

There are operators that provide free delivery and pickup in inner city and suburban areas. If you living elsewhere, you may be charged up to $75 for delivery and another $75 for pickup depending on where you live.

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