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What is a airbnb agent?

The short answer is: An airbnb or short stay management Company. This can also be an individual who acts on behalf of your property for a fee. Most agents or airbnb management companies charge from 10% to 20% per booking and organise the airbnb cleaning.

We recommend doing your research when it comes to the company you use as an agent. Please check out our top 10 airbnb property management companies.

We commonly hear – “I’m away, I can’t manage my property” – but this shouldn’t be your excuse.

If you are someone who travels a lot for business (or pleasure) you may be able to earn a pretty penny on the side. The initial stumbling block is that when your house is vacant, you aren’t there to manage any bookings either. But an Airbnb management agency can help you with this!
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Many part-time contracts allow you to come and go to your property as you please, but rent it out while you are away to maximize income.


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