Travel Golf Bag

Minimalist Golf Bag, The Essentials for light travel golf bag.

There are many discussions on golf, golf courses and golf equipment. But If you love golf and you a minimalist you have 2 options.

1: Hire, this saves you storing golf clubs, golf bags & Golf Buggies.

2. Go small, you can buy small backpack style golf bags and just put in 3-4 clubs. Suggest, a driver, Pitching wedge, putter and a 5 iron.

If golf is your hobby and you enjoy casual games with friends and family, don’t buy the most expensive equipment, golf equipment that is referred to as cheap is also considered expensive.

There is a huge variety of golf courses all over the world, instead of searching and searching wasting time and getting disappointed, I personally and very highly recommend Washington Golf Courses, although everyone has different taste, I made my own survey of my family, friends, friends of friends and of course myself(the word course is before myself), so I might have a point.

Regarding golf equipment, you can always rent the equipment, buy only if you know golf is in your future and not for a one time experience.Golf balls, golf clubs, tees and many other things are necessary, I personally recommend Mgi golf when it comes to golf bags is should definitely be Orlando style, the golf course should remain in Washington. This probably may sound a little weird and not realistic unless you are in Washington using the Orlando Schedule


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