Minimalist pram

Minimalist Stroller for mums on the go.

With So many prams and strollers to choose from, how do you choose one that suits the minimalist lifestyle?

Umbrella strollers and lightweight strollers fill a important niche for babies and parents. They are both inexpensive, especially compared to the full-sized and mid-sized strollers. They get the job done; baby is moved safely and easily, but they are distinct from the other types of strollers available. Umbrella strollers, the sling seated strollers with the two curved handles, are available from under $20 to about $50.

They are often found at garage and yard sales for just a couple of dollars. Many new Moms get an umbrella stroller for a shower gift. The trustworthy umbrella strollers have and do the basics. However, they lack storage space. It is either non-existent or at a premium. But, that can be OK, because the umbrella strollers have other attributes that set them apart from the lightweight, mid-sized and full-sized strollers. Umbrella strollers fold up so small and are so light, you could almost put them in your tote bag. OK, maybe that would require a huge bag, but umbrella strollers fit easily in you car. The trunk, an unoccupied seat or even on the floor can offer an umbrella stroller room to ride. Their small size and portability make them a welcome stow-away in your car. Just tuck them in any unused corner, away you go, knowing that you will have your umbrella stroller at the ready when you arrive at your destination. Even better, the umbrella stroller fits in most airlines’ overhead bins.

This makes it the most convenient type of stroller for travelers. Lightweight strollers offer more features than their diminutive buddies the umbrella stroller, but have fewer features than their more robust associates the mid- and full-sized strollers. Still the lightweight strollers have their useful place in the baby’s transportation collection. Lightweights are perfect for baby’s first stroller. This type of stroller offers a full side-to-side handle that allows the person pushing to use just one hand, which can be a real advantage for families with a child who is walking as well as their stroller baby. A number of lightweight strollers offer to hold baby’s carrier and wheel it around. That way baby can be reclining while traveling.

Side note, if you feel like you can do it without a pram or stroller you could always try a baby sling. This is another way fit it into the minimalist lifestyle.

These do not usually have seats and must have the addition of a baby carrier to work properly. Make sure if you select one of these type of lightweight strollers that you have the proper manufacturer and model of baby carrier to properly fit the stroller frame. Lightweight strollers do come a s a complete stroller as well. These look more like the mid-and full-sized strollers, but weigh less. The lightweight strollers manufacturers produce useful accessories such as rain covers and sun-shade screens. These are usually offered at an additional price. While we are thinking about price, the lightweight strollers have a lightweight price too. They range from the low $60 to the $150 range. If you consider either a lightweight or an umbrella stroller, an experienced Mom suggested that a good inspection of the front wheels is a precaution worth considering. She said that in her experience with these types of strollers, the wheels kept falling off. Remember, however, that both the lightweight stroller and the umbrella strollers have the lowest prices of all the stroller types. Shop around, think of the different uses you want your stroller to handle. Figure out your budget. Decide how long this stroller needs to last. Then you will know which is the stroller for your baby. 

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