Minimalist Wallet Australia

Even if I always try to ban objects and clutter from my life, there are a few things without which everyday life is quite laborious. Some cash, for example. The bank card, the health insurance card, in case you get hit or something.

For a long time I carried a completely normal wallet in my back pocket; for a while even attached to the pants with a thick chain. You’d have to be sixteen again.

Now you can read a lot about the fact that orthopedic surgeons warn that sitting crooked – due to the bulging wallet – can lead to spinal column inconsistencies and back pain, so I carried the wallet for a while either in the backpack or in the inside pocket of the jacket.

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But that also turned out to be impractical, because I put my jacket and bag down or put away and thus have the feeling of opening the door to pickpockets. So for a long time I carried a wallet for the front pocket that had space for a couple of cards and a money clip attached to a magnet for the bills.

So far so good – but the thing was still too fat to be worn comfortably. Somehow it has to be easier.

Just do it yourself

The solution is called “Binder Clip” in English, “Foldback Clamp” in German or simply multi-purpose clip . These things are available in every stationery or office supply store, unit costs are negligible.

1. Stacking. Stack the cards that you absolutely want to carry with you (good time to muck out, by the way). It is best to orient them so that the chips on the cards are facing up so that the clip cannot scratch them. I have six cards with me at the moment.
2. Wrap. Turn the cards upside down and wrap the bills around them as shown in the photo above. If you tighten the notes a little, they will turn into a nice, compact and stable package. Incidentally, 5 € notes are a little too short, but they also hold up.
3. Clamps. Attach the multipurpose clamp and bend your arms up. Finished!


Using the “wallet” is very easy. If you want to take out a card, you bend the arms of the clamp back down and apply a little pressure. This allows you to conveniently pull the cards out without everything losing its structural integrity.

If you want to take out banknotes, you only open the clamp again a little. Pull out the right side of the bills, and you can easily find the bill you want to pay with and then pull it out. Now you tighten the remaining bills again and clamp them again.

That might sound unnecessarily complicated, but with a little practice you’ll be done before the cashier has the change ready.


Of course, this solution does not transport coins. I’ve moved on to tucking loose coins in my pants pocket or throwing them in a compartment in my shoulder bag and then putting them in a money box as soon as I’m home.

Of course, I can rarely pay appropriately, but so far this has not been a problem anywhere. For for minimalist ideas check out out minimalist furniture page.

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