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What is minimalist style? Minimalist wardrobe For Men & Women

Minimalist Style

“Defining your personal style will make it easier for you when it comes to culling your wardrobe and getting your home or space in order. It will also make you be more conscious of the items you are planning on buying and whether or not they will fit in with what you own.” ~ Rachel Aust

I decided to take on the #60daystominimal challenge by Rachel Aust. I’ve been wanting to de-clutter my life in every aspect of the word and it is the perfect time of the year to do so! De-cluttering my physical world can impact the state of my mind, and it can be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, allowing me to make the most of my time and do the things I really want to do.

The first challenge involves me having to define my personal style. I know this will be a little hard because I usually dress for my mood, but I think, at the very least, I should create a little personal style definition so that I can use this to help guide me when making decisions on future purchases.

So here goes…

My style is simple, with an edge. My favourite colours are of the monochrome palette – black, white, grey and every so often, navy blue, maroon, bottle green, and brown. I like to play with textures as well – suede, lace, velvet. And my favourite patterns include dark floral or anything black, white and grey. When I do wear any other colours I tend to introduce black into it with my shoes, bag and accessories. I wear long pendants – silver and black. I wear chokers, usually silver and black. My rings are silver or white gold with black stones. My earrings are usually studs – black and silver. My hair is always pitch black, sometimes I wear dark red ombre hair extensions to add an element of colour. My shoes are usually booties with a slight heel, consisting mostly of black, grey, white, and brown. My bags are either black, grey or brown.

Phew! Okay, so it wasn’t that hard to define my personal style. I elaborated quite a bit for my own peace of mind but my style can pretty much be summed up in that first sentence: Simple, with an edge.

The second challenge is just that – a challenge. I honestly don’t think at this point in my life that I am able to only have 20 essential items in my wardrobe! I need to have various “colours” for each type of item, and goodness knows, I’m going to keep updating this list as I continue on my journey to minimalism.

  1. High waisted A-line mini skirt – black, grey, white
  2. T-shirt – white, black, grey
  3. Collared Shirt – black, white, grey
  4. Blazer Jacket – black, grey, white, navy blue
  5. Booties – black, grey, beige
  6. Coat – black, beige
  7. Dress – black, white, grey
  8. Cardigan – black, grey
  9. Heels – black
  10. Tank Top – black, white, grey
  11. Knit – black, grey, white, beige
  12. Skinny Jeans – full black, faded black, grey, white
  13. Boyfriend Jeans – dark wash blue
  14. Sheer Kimono – black (short), black (long)
  15. Wedges – beige, black
  16. High waisted A-line midi skirt – black, white
  17. Scarf – black, grey
  18. Leggings – black (stretch), black (faux leather), grey
  19. Tennis skirt – white, black, maroon, navy blue
  20. Bodycon mini skirt – black

I already have most of these items in my wardrobe. I think I should make a list of the pieces I still have to invest in, or – I will just make them myself! In case you didn’t know… I sew!

A theme for my wardrobe?

I started writing “Monochrome” but then I realized, it really depends on my mood! Therefore, I shall name my wardrobe theme “Mood”. I think it’s fitting at this point in time.

Truth be told, I recently did a bit of a wardrobe cull. I gave away most of my clothes – even expensive items that I have never even worn yet! They actually had the price tag still on. I’m talking about good quality, designer clothing, some worth over R1200!

I used to have a shopping problem. I would buy and buy in the hopes that a special occasion for that particular item might turn up, and it never did. It never does. I’ve learned that the hard way! Not only that, but I’ve received so many free designer clothes from brands I’ve worked with last year.

See, I have a fashion blog, and with my blog came a myriad of amazing opportunities. While it’s awesome to get free stuff from brands I love, some of these things don’t fit in with my lifestyle and I have the habit of keeping these things instead of giving them away to people who can get some good use out of them.

This year I will be making a conscious effort to do just that. Sometimes things just need a new home, and that’s okay!

Back to my wardrobe cull. I ended up setting aside some good pieces, averaging around an R800 cost price at the time I purchased them. There are pieces in my existing wardrobe that currently do not fit the bill. They are not in line with the wardrobe theme I have chosen, or my personal style definition.

I have decided to add a Shop My Closet section on my blog for these pieces. I will be selling them at a steal, but although I’m kind of wasting the investment I made in them, I’m gaining three amazing things here – I’m making a little bit (as opposed to nothing) off these purchases, I’m culling my wardrobe to make space for items that fit in with my theme and personal style, and I get to make a follower of my fashion blog a happy girl! It’s a win-win-win situation, and that’s all I want at this point!

Wardrobe Cull.

So, at the time of my wardrobe cull a few weeks ago, I wasn’t on a journey to minimalism. I knew deep down I wanted it, but now that I’m actually doing the #60daystominimal challenge I’m more aware of it, and in turn I’m able to make better decisions.

Day 4 and 5 of the challenge falls on two days where I’m actually unable to physically do it. I have therefore decided to combine Day 4, Day 5 and Day 6 on Saturday. It’s going to be a big one, but I’m super excited to see how different my cull will be after having defined my personal style and determined my theme.

I will, however, keep posting everyday to reflect on my journey.

Ask yourself the following questions when doing a wardrobe cull. Go through every single item and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does it fit me?
  2. Have I worn it in the last 6 months?
  3. Is it age-appropriate?
  4. Does it reflect my personal style definition?
  5. Do I love how I feel when I’m wearing it?

If an item passes the test with 100%, then keep it! If it fails even one of the above questions, then it’s time to let it go.

There may be items in your pile that are of sentimental value – perhaps they were gifts from a special someone or it’s a t-shirt of your favourite band! I know I’m not ready to let go of items like these, but I do, however, plan to vacuum pack these particular items and putting them into storage. Minimalist wallets are another part of your wardrobe you can work on.

We also think its important to have minimalist furniture in your home as well as your wardrobe.

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